To Us,

The 21st century South Asian women sandwiched between traditional values and modernity; may we keep liberating ourselves from the invisible yet prominent shackles of society. May we honour the women who have walked the earth before us and laid out a path. About time we embrace our natural golden armour which glows in the sun. Hold that peculiar nose higher than ever for it carries ancestral dues. The shape of our body is not the determiner of the essence of our beauty. Let no aunty tell us any different, for she herself is bound by the patriarchal ways and does not know any better. The essence of our beauty is in being a woman itself, for we carry the knowledge to raise humankind. May we always be valiant enough to satiate our ambition and independence. Whether rooted deep in the native land or planted in a faraway land, let the roots of sisterhood broaden as we ferociously shatter the shackles with each choice made solely for ourselves. Let Us never forget that we are the chosen ones to empower, of the millions unborn and the millions tied down.


One of Us.

A huge shout out to fellow South Asian sister Sruthi Pujara, founder of Light & Life Productions for bringing the Roots project to life. After months of brainstorming various ideas on what it means to be a woman, specifically of South Asian descent, we are finally able to share our perception. There is more to come from this collaboration on South Asian representation, womanhood, mental health and many more, honestly wherever our creativity leads us. Do not forget to check out Sruthi Pujara (@tonal_tales on Instagram) and give her a follow to light up your Insta feed. Stay tuned for more and enjoy Roots xx

Outfit details:

Kasavu saree: A gift, handwoven by sisters from Kerala, India

Jewellery: Heirlooms

Shine bright and be kind! 😊


Sruthi & Aditi

2 responses to “Roots”

  1. A͞͞a͞͞d͞͞i͞͞t͞͞e͞͞e͞͞ W͞͞a͞͞g͞͞h͞͞ Avatar
    A͞͞a͞͞d͞͞i͞͞t͞͞e͞͞e͞͞ W͞͞a͞͞g͞͞h͞͞

    G͞͞r͞͞e͞͞a͞͞t͞͞ w͞͞o͞͞r͞͞k͞͞….T͞͞h͞͞e͞͞s͞͞e͞͞ p͞͞i͞͞c͞͞t͞͞u͞͞r͞͞e͞͞s͞͞ d͞͞o͞͞ t͞͞a͞͞l͞͞k͞͞….I͞͞ l͞͞u͞͞v͞͞ d͞͞ c͞͞o͞͞n͞͞c͞͞e͞͞p͞͞t͞͞…W͞͞e͞͞l͞͞l͞͞ d͞͞o͞͞n͞͞e͞͞ n͞͞ k͞͞e͞͞e͞͞p͞͞ i͞͞t͞͞ u͞͞p͞͞…👍


    1. Aditi Sawarkar Avatar

      Thank you so much 🙂 ❤


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