The Decade

Year: 2020 Concept: The Decade is based on the year 2010. In the year 2010, the two most significant events of my life were learning Indian classical dance- Bharatnatyam and the onset of vitiligo. The images depict mudras (hand gestures) used in Bharatnatyam. Medium: Photography, Body paint

Morning ritual

Year: 2019 Dimensions: 2480 x 1653 pixels Concept: Aditi Sawarkar Photo: Eloise Duffus (@dustbreed)


mundane adjective lacking interest or excitement; dull. Synonyms: monotonous, boring, everyday Mundane was often casually used in our day-to-day conversation in the years prior to 2020. Never had we thought, we would witness a year that would perfectly define mundane on a cellular level and even could be used with “eventful” to define a time…

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