What do you see?

What do you see when you look at me?

Stripping me bare with your eyes

Inspecting the curves of my body

Flicking through all the previous ones in your mind.


Slightly taller than the last one,

Definitely fuller than the average ones,

Unsure if the face is attractive enough,

Debating between a five or a six,

Finally settling on a five point five out of ten.


Oh honey, come closer and let’s strip further!

You have only made it to the shallow depth,

unsure if you have enough grit to dive deeper. 

Flicking through a book or two instead would’ve done you some good,

as my curvaceous hips seem to appear broader than your mind.


Before you go flexing and reducing me down to numbers,

let me remind you that I am a Queen

reigning an entire kingdom,

while you are a knight

battling for this kingdom and others. 



Shine bright readers and know your worth! 🙂 




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