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Growing up in Indian culture, a deep-rooted fear of judgement was ingrained within us from a young age. Over the years, this fear of judgement further metamorphosed into shame, guilt, and an imminent societal pressure to be the ‘good girl’.

What even defines a ‘good girl’?  

Someone who blindly goes by societal rules and norms, even if these rules are heavily flawed and highly patriarchal?

Someone who is constantly weighed down by her judgemental society’s opinions and family’s esteem first, before she even addresses her own basic human needs, be it physical, emotional, or mental?

The good girl must do what she is told, should never question, and must always ‘behave’ herself because her choices and actions determine her character. A choice deemed wrong by the society would turn out to be disrespectful to the family.

Her worth and value lies in her character.

If her innate needs, emotions, actions, and choices translate into harsh and shameful labels, will she ever stand a chance to be seen just as another human?

If all this was not weighing heavily enough, the cherry on top is the body consciousness instilled by socially constructed beauty ideals as well as lived experiences of strangers ogling her womanly body parts in her teens.

I have never quite understood why it is acceptable for a random man to sexualise a teen but not okay for a grown adult woman to speak openly about her innate desires.

Female desire has been criminalised for decades. We are slut shamed, quickly labelled as too easy and for some of us, the community even performs female genital mutilation to demonstrate control over our bodies, violating basic human rights.

Most people from previous generation grew up with the notion of criminalised behaviour and shame. A lot of shame. Therefore, they find it difficult to openly talk, rationalise and fully inform us.

Their thoughts are socially conditioned:

you are a slut if your body count is three or more, you leave a part of yourself every time you get intimate with someone, a girl walks different after it’s done, that girl reveals her body to attract boys, the boy won’t marry you if you get intimate before marriage.

The implantation of such socially conditioned thoughts into us have done more damage than we think. The fear of intimacy, our judgment radar for ourselves and others, questioning our morality, not communicating our needs, feeling guilty for having desire, feeling guilty for too much indulgence, and feeling shameful for exploring. There is no end to it until we normalise it. She is a sexual being and no, she is not asking for it!

Working on Criminalised was no easy task. Sruthi and I had our judgement radar on throughout the shoot – Is it too revealing? Is it too erotic? What would our parents think? What if people think we are trying too hard? How do girls look sexy doing this pose? Dude, relatives on Instagram! I am super conscious of my tits. Despite all these mental blocks, we tried our best to let go of inhibitions and push our boundaries. Honestly, this has been a liberating experience for both of us and I could not have had a better partner in crime for bringing this project to fruition. Do not forget to check out Sruthi Pujara (@tonal_tales on Instagram) and give her a follow for photojournalistic style of imagery. Stay tuned for more and enjoy Criminalised xx

Shine bright and be kind! 🙂


Sruthi & Aditi


In midst of all the chaos,

Her stillness was captivating. 

She was a work of art,

The first work of art.

Untouched and Unrefined,

Purely deep and raw.

In midst of all the normalcy, 

Her quirks were dazzling.

She was a rare ruin, 

The ethereal ruin.

Yet to be unearthed,

Her mysteries unknown.

In midst of all the happening,

Despite of the far distance between us,

Her warmth and whimsical innocence was heartfelt.

Shine bright and be kind! 🙂 




Hey there! Hope the first month of 2017 has been a great start for you. It has been a really good start for me and I am very excited for the coming months. Last weekend, I got the chance to collaborate with my dear friend, Karen and it was so much fun! Fun is an understatement. Karen not only exuberates confidence in what she wears but is also extremely talented! It was a pleasure collaborating with her and I hope to do many more in the future. 🙂 We have put together two casual urban looks for this piece which represents urban in our own colour.

Look 1: A pair of jeans, shirt and platform oxford shoes

Styling oneself in a minimalist way is an art in itself. Here we have tried to add a bit of edginess by wearing Oxfords.

Look 2: A leather skirt, shirt and black & gold heels

A leather skirt is also a minimalist way to make a simple shirt look stylish. For this one, we have paired it with a blue shirt which I borrowed from my dad’s closet along with black & gold heels. The gold in the heels adds a whole new level sophistication to this look.

The urban woman today, we believe, is someone who is always on the run, yet she never forgets to look flawless. She not only has an impeccable taste in fashion but also let’s her personality shine through the fabrics. She is confident, independent and believes in her dreams. She has immense admiration for all the women who cross her path and uplifts them in every possible way. She also shares an unspoken bond of sisterhood with them. She is a free spirit who no more conquers the world only in a pair of heels, but also in a pair of oxfords!

Enjoy the look:

















Hope you enjoyed this post as much as we loved creating it. Let us know in the comments section below or on our instagrams (Karen: @1001karenl and Aditi: @aditisawarkar) about who you think is an urban woman and what other outfits represent her!

Outfit details:


Black pair of jeans and denim jacket: Supre

Bag: Fendi

Black simple choker: Lovisa jewellery

White see through shirt and platform oxford shoes: Street shops in KL, Malaysia


Black leather skirt: H&M

Blue shirt: Wills Lifestyle, India

Black and gold heels: Novo shoes

Watch and jewellery: Lovisa jewellery

Location: Docklands walk, Seafarers bridge and Webb Bridge

Photography: Sourabh Yogi (@perfozgi)

Shine bright and be kind!


Karen & Aditi