mundane adjective lacking interest or excitement; dull. Synonyms: monotonous, boring, everyday Mundane was often casually used in our day-to-day conversation in the years prior to 2020. Never had we thought, we would witness a year that would perfectly define mundane on a cellular level and even could be used with “eventful” to define a time in our lives. Needless to say, 2020 has been quite … Continue reading Mundane

One day

There is a flower vase with roses In the middle of the room Enchanting passerby with its regal bloom Dreamy sweet fragrance   Days gone by I see the roses, not blooming Just there, wilting Unnoticed for days And one day will never be   There is a flower vase with lilies now Mesmerising passerby with its pure vibrance   Shine bright and be kind! … Continue reading One day