In midst of all the chaos, Her stillness was captivating.   She was a work of art, The first work of art. Untouched and Unrefined, Purely deep and raw.   In midst of all the normalcy, Her quirks were dazzling.   She was a rare ruin, The ethereal ruin. Yet to be unearthed, Her mysteries… Continue reading Her…


There are endless possibilities. Explore everyday and discover something new about yourself. Let your imagination run wild. Have an open mind and don’t ever limit yourself. It is okay to feel a little intimidated by the vast possibilities and uncertainties. Take risks. You will try. You will fail. You will learn. You will grow. Nothing is meant to… Continue reading Explore

Choker Obsession

Hey there! How’s your first week and the weekend been so far? Mine was fairly decent, just work, guest at home and worked on this DIY. Do you have any resolutions for this year? Recently, I came across an article while watching a Whack video about 33 books that everyone should read before turning 30… Continue reading Choker Obsession

The Style Mashup

  Hey there! Merry Christmas...I hope 2016 has treated you well so far and your Christmas day is filled with full of surprises and some great cherishable moments with your loved ones. Can’t believe this year is almost over! This is my first blog post. I had been thinking of giving blogging a try for… Continue reading The Style Mashup