The night before sunrise

With every moment passing We knew this was coming to an end  New beginnings with sunrise Were we happy?   Different paths chosen Last breath of togetherness woven Reminiscence of the memories Were we happy?   Lying underneath the stars Baffled by our perfectly imperfect connection Wishing upon a shooting star, for similar intimacy ahead We will try to be happy. Probably.    Shine bright … Continue reading The night before sunrise

The wait

It’s waiting for me at the end of this road. Road meticulously laid,  laid through mountains and woods.   Woods varied with each step, steps numbered yet uncounted.   Uncounted steps taken into new terrain, terrain unknown yet familiar.    Familiar faces left behind,  behind with all the mementos.   It’s waiting for me at the end of this road.  Unsure, uncertain,  taking the remaining … Continue reading The wait

Dear almost lover

Wandering through these woods, our paths crossed. Before we knew it we walked together, further and deeper.   Days passed, months passed, moments lived and shared.   Throughout our wander we heard two distinct voices:  soft murmurs of love and noises of uncertainty.   Deafened by these noises, we gave in.   Now I wander alone cherishing our shared memories. Wondering if we walked together … Continue reading Dear almost lover

One day

There is a flower vase with roses In the middle of the room Enchanting passerby with its regal bloom Dreamy sweet fragrance   Days gone by I see the roses, not blooming Just there, wilting Unnoticed for days And one day will never be   There is a flower vase with lilies now Mesmerising passerby with its pure vibrance   Shine bright and be kind! … Continue reading One day


In midst of all the chaos, Her stillness was captivating.  She was a work of art, The first work of art. Untouched and Unrefined, Purely deep and raw. In midst of all the normalcy,  Her quirks were dazzling. She was a rare ruin,  The ethereal ruin. Yet to be unearthed, Her mysteries unknown. In midst of all the happening, Despite of the far distance between … Continue reading Her…